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Skegness Hospital Watch
Good News Stories

We have now reached our target of £42000 for the Diagnostic equipment we have been raising funds for over the past 4 months.
We are still looking for donations for the running costs of our group any contribution you can make no matter how small would be most gratefully received. Cheques should be made payable to 'Skegness Hospital Watch'. 
 We have good news the latest being the NHS will now fund any future maintenance costs.
Nurses are also being trained to use the Blood Diagnostic machines. Our thanks go out to everyone in and around the Skegness area who helped raise the above amount of money, without all your support we would not have reached this Target.
We have been working on pre-meds being done locally, this is now being put into operation.
At long last we have now finally got System one in operation at the touch of a button your records can be at the Doctors finger tips.
The latest on these Machines they shold all be up and running befor our next Meeting.

We will be looking at a further Blood testing Machine which will benefit our 'Urgent Care Centre' If you all decide you support us going for this then please attend the next meeting and have your say.

We have to say thank you to all who helped and donated towards the blood testing machines they are now in full operation with some 600+ patients having been tested and a vast majority not having to be sent to Boston Pilgrim Hospital.

We have already purchased a 24hr Heart monitor machine and will soon have enough for a second one. Please keep supporting your Skegness Hospital Watch.

Great News everyone, at last the first 24hr Heart Monitor machine is now in operation and patients are able to have these fitted by our own trained Nursing staff at Skegness Hospital. The first to be fitted with one of these machines was an 80 year old Pensioner fron Chapel-St-Leonards. We have now raised enough donations from you the public to purchase 2 more machines, thank you all for once again donating.  

Great news this last month of September 2014. We have placed an order for the purchase of a further 2 Heart Monitor Machines. I would on behave of myself and our full Committee members like to thank everyone who donated and helped us raise over £2700 in the last 3 months to achieve our aim of aquirng three in total.

We are now hoping our next project will be to provide our Skegness Hospital with a Heart Pace-Maker Testing Machine.

Skegness Hospital Watch members have now informed our Hospital to purchase a further 24hr Heart Monitor Machine for which we have now available over £3000 in funds raised by recent Collections. The first Machine is now in full use at our Hospital, which just recently I have had the use of myself.
We undestand from our Nursing Staff who attend our meetings that the Blood Testing Machine we previously purchased is also in full use and being used on the wards as well. So far since the start of 2015 some 47 patients in January had tests taken which proved they did not have to be sent to Boston Pilgrim Hospital. Our group are over the Moon about this great news.

Skegness Hospital Watch
Geoff Poulter
6, Merrills Way

Raising Funds to Provide Equipment for the Benefit of the Community