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Skegness Hospital Watch
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Skegness Hospital Watch  Committee Members:

Geoff Poulter: Tel- 01754 876897  / Mobile 07816405321  

 Eddie Gasson Chairman     Tel- 01754-871167    
Email edgargasson.267@btinternet.com

John Orgine Vice Chairman 01754-875287

Committee Members :-

Vinny Jones       01754-760677

Bess Smith         01754-768446

Dave Andrews    01754-876801

Maurice Darnell 01754-873405

Marrigold Chignall 01754-610321

Paula Chapman 01754-

Len Hemmingway 01754-874618

Jo  Caine 01754-

Fiona Brown Press Officer 01754-/ 07737713550

Raising Funds to Provide Equipment for the Benefit of the Community