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Supporters Links

Ex-service club Skegness
Liberal Club Skegness
Workingmens Club Skegness
Seacroft Golf Club Skegness (Thanks to Sarah Hussey)
New Park Club Skegness
North Shore Golf Club
Grand Central
R.A.O.B ( at Ex- Service Club Skegness)
Lincolnshire Cooperative
Skegness League of Friends our many Thanks for their Large Donation
Skegness Town Council
Target Newspaper
Standard Newspaper
Tesco Skegness

Morrisons Skegness 

General public
Piano Academy and pupils
Stone Printers
Skegness Senior Forum Group ( Thanks for your generous donation)
Sunnydecks ( Ian Farmer)
Mrs Ilene Jamison
Mr John Dee
Elms Caravan Park Ingoldmells
Ingoldmells charity Shop
Chris at Ingoldmells chip shop
Hildreds Shopping Centre and staff members
Our gratefull thanks go out to all  above concerned

May we take this opportunity to wish all our supporters
Happy New Year to everyone for 2014. 

Best Wishes and a Happy New Year to everyone for2015.
Many thanks to the following supporters :-
Walkers Lyn Luxton Nickky Bostrom and Pauline Morgan
Roger Shackleton family
New Park Darts Team
George Saxton (Skegness Town Mayor)
Tony Tye

Raising Funds to Provide Equipment for the Benefit of the Community