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Skegness Hospital Watch
About Us

Our team is made up purely of volunteers and we set up in June 2005.
We have meetings every month at the Crown Hotel, Drummond Road in Skegness. 
There are two of our members on the Skegness advisory Board, Maureen Mier was the Chairman for this Board along with Bess Smith. After Maureen passed away Marigold Chignall was voted on to take her place.These members also serve on the Skegness Hospital Implementation Board made up of groups of people from all aspects of life in Skegness. We also have members who attend the Patients Participation Committee Meetings at Beacon Surgery.
Before this our group was known as S.O.S 'Save our Beds' and services. Due to the closure of Scarbrough Ward.
Since we started some 10yrs ago we have seen many changes. Influencing in many clinics based at Skegness saving lots of our patients  having to travel some 24 or even 42 miles for their treatment. May this trend continue.

Raising Funds to Provide Equipment for the Benefit of the Community