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Skegness Hospital Watch will be holding our next Meeting on Thursday 15th September 2016 at the Crown Hotel on Drummond Road at 7-00pm Nursing staff from Skegness will be in attendance, they are looking for our help once more with the provision of some specialist Equipment.
There are lots of changes taking place all over the County to where we will receive our Medical Treatment in future. Please come along and have your say on these changes everyone welcome to these Meetings, you do not  have to be a member.

The Skegness Hospital Watch will be holding it's next Meeting on Thursday 20th October 2016 at the Crown Hotel on Drummond Road at 7-00pm.  Everyone welcome to come along and have their say you do not have to be a member. We have invited guests coming to the Meeting from the CCG along with our new Matron and Skegness Nursing staff. you can ask questions about what you are experencing with your Health Care we have members on the committee of bodies that can raise any issue you have.
Things are getting worse at all levels of the Health Service but only strength in numbers can we show the Powers that be we will not stand by and see them break up the NHS.

The skegness hospital watch meeting is being held @ 7-00pm tonight 16th February @ the  Crown Hotel.

The Skegness Hospital Watch last meeting was held on the 20th April 2017 at the Crown Hotel. In attendance were nurses and members of the local council including the Mayor.

The Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th May 2017 at 7.00pm at the Crown Hotel, please note that this is a change of date because of room booking.  Special guests have been invited. 

The Skegness Hospital Watch meeting is being held at the Crown Hotel, Drummond Road.         Image result for crown hotel drummond road skegness
It will be on the 21st of September 2017 at 7pm. Everyone Welcome. Including special guest invited.
Geoff Poulter will be at this meeting.                                                  

The October SHW meeting will be held at Crown Hotel Thursday the 16th at 7-00pm.

Hi everybody sorry about not being in touch since October via our Web Site the main reason I've been to ill plus trouble with my Computer playing me up.  I must once again, put my appologies in asking you to accept them for the 16th  April meeting, I go into
Hospital on this day for a major operation with a open wound rupture. 
There are lots of major changes being made this year and we need to have a say in what they are programming to do, and how it
makes these changes which could effect Services to our much loved Skegness Hospital.

Please keep attending our meetings which we hold at the Crown Hotel every month. Please send your apologies to the secretary Michelle Wiggins if you cannot attend.

On the 23th of August 2018, Skegness Hospital Watch will be meeting at The Crown Hotel at 7pm

Hi everybody, Its been a long time with my medical problems taking priority the last diagnosis being Heart Failure. I am inproving with physio thice a week for 1 x 1.5 hrs at a session. Water tablets doubled which means I have to reduce more weight I have dropped this to 12 stone 13 pounds already. Well thats all about me so may I say thank you all for taking up the rains and keeping the Hospital Watch going. Bye for now I will be back on line soon to hand over the code so you can write and use the site to put out messages to the Public, Love Geoff P. 

The Next meeting at The Crown Hotel will be held in the second week in October 2019. Date to be confirmed. Hope the Previous meetings have run ok. This account and site is still running and can be
used for at least 1yr which Ive paid for. When Im able to show who may now have to take this over I will show them the codes and passwords needed to keep it up to date.

Hi everybody, Having spoke to Eddie early this week he informed me this month they will now be held every two months because there is less to be held for things are going in the right direction to allow this to happen. I have heard that some of the equipment we provided his not being used and im sure Eddie will look into this. Maybe it could be used in other places. Things have not been going to well with my Heart problems and I spent 3 days in Hospital after a minor blackout. They have let me out and back onto physio so chin up time again. If I can make it for Chrismas Dinner I will try but no promisses.

Sorry, once again I couldn't make the christmas dinner. My heart problem was effecting me from travelling far. I will get back to speaking to you as soon as I can.